Thursday, October 12, 2017

Chronos departs

Chronos, known in the core timeline as Draagh, has departed our plane of reality after self-sacrificing his corporeal form in order to resurrect a human. This human, named Jennifer Gunnarsson, is a commander for Azul's navy and is the wife of Max Gunnarsson, son of Mija-El and his human consort, Clarisa Gunnarsson.

Chronos has only done this once before, on Earth, during the planet's calendar year of thirty three. Of course, we all remember "The Pacifist," whom Jah had sent to Earth in order to help a certain tribe of people. While his mission as a Primulus was to lead a military insurrection against the tribe's Roman oppressors, Yeshua (as he was called on Earth) instead chose a path of peace and love, which completely backfired. He ended up getting captured, and, in his weakened state, was murdered by his jailers. Chronos, Mija-El and Gabriel arrived just in time and, thanks to Chronos' sacrifice, The Pacifist was resurrected, and Chronos paid his one hundred-year penalty, waiting while his corporeal form regenerated.

Again he finds himself wandering the void, without form, but rumors fly that he has been inhabiting the bodies of various mortal beings, and having quite a good time as he does so. It has also been reported that Jah has joined him on some of these outings, but our calls to The Hub have been unanswered.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Gunnarsson is thriving in her new role as a lycan/Primulus hybrid. She has yet to receive her ghanlo, but as her husband possesses his they have been able to utilize a combination of natural technology and Azul transportation technology to begin the long process of ferrying Primulus technology to Earth in preparation for the great merging, which will happen when the core timeline arrives at the beginning of "The Renewal"—a secret strand hidden from The Hub, and purportedly used in order to train the Gunnarssons for their victory over the Grigori.

It is also reported that Chronos amplified the DNA of the adopted daughter of the Gunnarssons, Liliana, who is rumored to be from the "renewal" timeline. This report has not yet been corroborated, but knowing how Chronos has a tendency to tinker, we have a feeling there is more truth to this than one would believe.