Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Liliana is back (and in trouble again)

Liliana Gunnarsson, who was safely taken to Azul so as to study and live a relatively normal life, has managed to earn the wrath of Anaita, daughter of Draagh.

It was reported that Anaita escaped destruction aboard the Vrol Brood Carrier at the termination of the insects' war against humanity. However, her whereabouts had been unknown until intelligence informed The Primulus Post that she had recently been seen in the delta sector of the Andromeda Galaxy, planning to eliminate the child. Precise coordinates were not provided.

As we all know, the Gunnarsson girl is quite special, and will play an important role in the future of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, as well as Homo Sapiens Canis. (with all remaining Homo Sapiens Mortuus' having been completely deactivated). Her safety is then considered critical.

The Primulus Post attempted to contact the primulus, Mija-El, for an interview, but our call was not returned.

Anyone with information regarding Anaita's location and/or current activities is urged to contact us at our offices in The Hub.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Welcome Kam Andreessen

The Primulus Post would like to welcome archeologist Kam Andreessen to the universe of natural technology.

Transported to the alternate Post-Apocalyptic timeline through accidental contact with Clarisa Gunnarsson's emergency port necklace, Kam not only survived until his rescue by our very own Gabriel, but also discovered he is a mage, his latent genes having been activated due to extended residence in PAH.

Given the choice of either staying in PAH or returning, powerless, to Azul (where he would have had his memories wiped and been stripped of his abilities), Kam chose to stay in PAH, where he lives with his wife, a neko by the name of Minnie.

Kam has been instrumental in the rebuilding of PAH Earth, to the point of even integrating local Vrol populations into society (e.g. they don't eat people anymore).

"Kam has worked hard to rebuild this world, and, in truth, has gotten closer than any Primulus in creating a society like that which we had originally intended: a thriving community that avails itself of both human and natural technology," said Gabriel, brother of Mija-El and Commander of Jah's Celestial Forces, in an interview at the Hub. When pressed for more information, Gabriel stated he had to leave, as yet another humanoid species (this one residing in the Sombrero Galaxy) had developed atomic weapons, and was about the annihilate itself through sheer stupidity. He further detailed that he had to give them "a cosmic bitch slap" and knock them back to the stone-age, lest they destroy entire planetary bodies and throw their solar system into a collision course with a neighboring system.

Prime Angel Tours provides excursions to PAH, and if you go there, with just a bit of luck (and maybe some inherent magic), you could possibly meet Kam and his lovely wife. When there, be sure to stop at Seven Sins, the local hotpsot, and have a blonde beer with a bit of tomato juice—Lennie Johnson's favorite beverage.

Oh, and Lennie's a vampire. But vamps are nice in PAH. Honest.

We made them that way.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Walking the Fine Line between Primulus and Human

by Mija-El - contributing editor at large

From experience I know that many of my brothers and sisters have been required to engage in mild interaction with our creations. From the blob-like Syn, to Homo Sapiens, we have sometimes viewed our tasks as getting our hands dirty.

It does not need to be so.

Although they carry a good percentage of Primulus genetics, Homo Sapiens are a simple species. They view life through mortal optics, and their incredibly short lifespans require them to be creative with passing along information. But before we view them as they would view the tiniest insects on their worlds, please note that they are distant cousins, in a manner of speaking, and were created to eventually reach biological parity with the Prīmulī. This startled and even enraged some of our family, resulting in the Great Rift, from which we still have yet to recover.

It is time to put that all in the past.

I have had the pleasure of living among humanity for the past three years. I pose as a curator of art in a historical museum, and as the uncle of my son's adopted daughter (who, ironically, poses as an orphan). Not only do I interact with humans on a daily basis, I have also been raising my granddaughter and going through things that ordinary, everyday people must experience. Things that we Prīmulī take for granted, such as travel, food and an immortal existence are either scarce to humans, or even impossible to obtain (although the recent re-activation of enhanced subspecies has allowed some humans to enjoy extended, nearly limitless lifespans).

I would like to provide some advice to any Prīmulī who have yet to be assigned to a sector on either Azul or Terra: practice patience, and learn to love.

Humans are capable of wondrous things. While my father, my brother Gabriel and I could have eliminated the Vrol in a matter of minutes, we allowed humans to carry the majority of the load, and they emerged victorious. This says a lot, as the Vrol were created by the Grigori to function as planet cleansers. TheVrol only exist to eliminate life. And now the Vrol are virtually extinct (except for small nests on an alternate Earth, where they have integrated into the local ecosystem). A managing Primulus needs to take into account the fact that humans perceive their lifespans as being much longer than they actually are, in the grand, cosmic scheme of things. For this reason, it is critical that you not reveal the secrets of the Universe to any of them. While we could do so on a limited basis in the past, humans now possess technology that enables them to prove our existence. It is bad enough we were required to reveal the existence of enhanced subspecies, but found this necessary at the time, and this cannot be undone.

Your job will be to operate as a mentor, and to assist undiscovered lycans and ghouls from being detected. And, when required, to run interference and protect your charges lives. In essence, you shall function as guardian angels.

And in fulfilling your role you will need to walk that fine line between Human and Primulus.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Chronos departs

Chronos, known in the core timeline as Draagh, has departed our plane of reality after self-sacrificing his corporeal form in order to resurrect a human. This human, named Jennifer Gunnarsson, is a commander for Azul's navy and is the wife of Max Gunnarsson, son of Mija-El and his human consort, Clarisa Gunnarsson.

Chronos has only done this once before, on Earth, during the planet's calendar year of thirty three. Of course, we all remember "The Pacifist," whom Jah had sent to Earth in order to help a certain tribe of people. While his mission as a Primulus was to lead a military insurrection against the tribe's Roman oppressors, Yeshua (as he was called on Earth) instead chose a path of peace and love, which completely backfired. He ended up getting captured, and, in his weakened state, was murdered by his jailers. Chronos, Mija-El and Gabriel arrived just in time and, thanks to Chronos' sacrifice, The Pacifist was resurrected, and Chronos paid his one hundred-year penalty, waiting while his corporeal form regenerated.

Again he finds himself wandering the void, without form, but rumors fly that he has been inhabiting the bodies of various mortal beings, and having quite a good time as he does so. It has also been reported that Jah has joined him on some of these outings, but our calls to The Hub have been unanswered.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Gunnarsson is thriving in her new role as a lycan/Primulus hybrid. She has yet to receive her ghanlo, but as her husband possesses his they have been able to utilize a combination of natural technology and Azul transportation technology to begin the long process of ferrying Primulus technology to Earth in preparation for the great merging, which will happen when the core timeline arrives at the beginning of "The Renewal"—a secret strand hidden from The Hub, and purportedly used in order to train the Gunnarssons for their victory over the Grigori.

It is also reported that Chronos amplified the DNA of the adopted daughter of the Gunnarssons, Liliana, who is rumored to be from the "renewal" timeline. This report has not yet been corroborated, but knowing how Chronos has a tendency to tinker, we have a feeling there is more truth to this than one would believe.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome to the PRIMULUS POST

This is the first post as a test